Networking: the most overused word in business today

We are all guilty. We say this word many times through the day and yet we hardly know what it really means. We use it as an excuse to have lunch out, attend an after hours or Chamber event.  And it’s a good excuse.  But, are we fulfilling our networking potential?  Are we actually “networking” – pulling business peers into our net – or are we simply enjoying a bite to eat away from the office?

William O. Services hosts a series of Small Business Friends Networking events at which we guide participants to network in the intended method of gaining connectable bonds through business for the purpose of growing both businesses.

We cover topics for open discussion, share about ourselves and our businesses, ask questions and of course we eat!  In today’s blog, I’m wondering what topics of discussion you would like to see at our next SBFs event on Saturday, Feb 2?

Share this with your peers, on your social media and email contacts.  The more people in attendance means a broader discussion.

Let’s get together and learn how to grow!


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